Uniquely Slovenia

From 1999 to 2001 Impact worked with the Small Business Development Centre, Inova IR, and other organizations involved in the Home Based Business Project for Slovenia to assist Slovenian micro-enterprises to access the global marketplace at a critical stage of their business development with the following goals:

  • To enhance the viability and sustainable growth of the micro-enterprise sector through increased access to markets;
  • To increase the professionalism of Slovenian micro-enterprise businesses by providing expert advice on product development;
  • To provide increased opportunities for micro-enterprises to access a wider distribution channel for the marketing of their products and services through exposure in North American trade shows, in consumer exhibitions in Slovenia;
  • To provide quality resource tools and training materials that are practical and educational in nature that will assist micro-enterprises in starting, operating and growing their businesses;
  • To develop strategic alliances and partners committed to growth, expansion and sustainability of micro-enterprises.

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