Global Banking Alliance

The Global Banking Alliance (GBA) for Women is a group of financial institutions that endeavor to speed up the growth of women in business enterprises across the world. It is a membership organization of institutions committed to the growth of women in business and women’s wealth creation worldwide. Members share best practices to spur growth and accelerate development impact for women in business. As a unique financial network, GBA connect you to experts, information and resources so you can benefit from best practices on access to capital programs for women.

From GBA’s inception in 2000 at the OECD conference in Paris, Barbara Mowat has been on the Advisory Board of GBA. Barbara has participated as a speaker, an advisor and as a workshop leader in several annual summits since 2000. Impact Communications Ltd. also coordinated and hosted the annual GBA summit in Vancouver, BC in 2004, sponsored by RBC Royal Bank of Canada. Called “Women Trading Globally”, over 400 women worldwide attended, including delegates from Iraq and Afghanistan.