Virginia Trade Mission

State of Virginia: The Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Since 2005 through 2013, Impact Communications Ltd. has facilitated trade and business matching for the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. Trade missions have been held in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

“As President of Impact Communications Ltd., Barbara has managed our annual trade missions to Vancouver. Her work on behalf of the Virginia companies participating in these missions is one of the major factors in our continued relationship. Barbara and the Impact team do an amazing job of learning the company’s objectives for the visit, and most importantly, work to deliver tangible results.” — Paul H. Grossman, Jr., Director, International Trade and Investment, Virginia Economic Development Partnership

The participating companies have represented various sectors and industries including the following:

  • Supplier of industrial submarine parts
  • An aerospace research and development firm, specializing in the design of equipment for the unmanned vehicle control, navigation, camera positioning, and robotics markets
  • Fine furniture manufacturer
  • Technology companies
  • Food manufacturer
  • Golf equipment and golf apparel companies
  • Military and Homeland Defense products
  • Industrial Dust Collection and Pneumatic and Material Handling Systems
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment – specifically backpack and handheld sprayers, chemical sprayers, etc.
  • First Responder Life Safety Equipment
  • “Build Green”– Pre-Insulated Light Gauge Steel Framing Panels
  • Etc.


“The right people were in the rooms to speak with. You made possible in a week what would have taken us months and multiple visits to accomplish. As we say in the Sea Service – Bravo Zulu! I would highly recommend this to other small businesses seeking to export or have a presence in Canada.” — Herb Hood, Business Group Manager, Phoenix Group of Virginia

“A potential customer said “Barbara turned over every stone in the area where anyone would ever need a sprayer for any reason.” That sums it up. She selected clients (prospects) that most closely met Solo’s criteria—current distributors, warehousing ability, etc.; overall I believe the trip was successful.” — Marion Bowen, Director of Export Sales, Solo Inc.

“The Virginia Trade Mission to Vancouver will greatly benefit ThermaSteel Corporation, by opening up the Canadian border as well as other international markets for new trade. We were informed of what Canadian approvals are needed for our product as well as how to market our product in each region. We met the right people who could quickly tell us how to set up a manufacturing plant as well as possible Sales Representatives and Distributors. The unique part of this visit is that the companies we met with in Vancouver don’t just sell in Vancouver, they market it in the states as well as internationally. Each company has their own niche in which we could possibly sell to. We have the right tools to be successful.”– Lea Wall, Marketing/Distributor Sales, Thermasteel Corporation

“The overall trip was good. I liked Barbara’s ability to network within the market and take advantage of the contacts gained. I think this contractor/distributor approach will be better than the engineering approach we took on the last trip. I have high hopes for the Toronto area. — James “Jay” Johnson, Sales Manager, Pemco Corporation

“As an AIM Program Participant new to the world of exporting, this Canadian trade Mission led by Diane Thomas and facilitated by the Impact Team of Brittany and Barbara Mowat has been an extraordinary experience. As we have learned, the VEDP generously maintains a wealth of resources just for the asking and provides the staff to help every step of the way. I have met the most wonderful people and formed solid relationship tat I know will lead to new successes for our company. I also believe I have raised a level in value to our company as a result of this program and the people I have met.” – Donna S. Koger, Executive VP, Koger Air

“Barbara Mowat is a tremendous business liason. She makes a great introductory agent. She is pleasant, optimistic and a really good ambassador. “ — Kevin Gallagher, President/Owner, Quality Transportation Services Inc. (QTS)

“VEDP and Impact Communications Ltd was extremely useful in getting us an action packed comprehensive 5 day road trip. The support while we were in country was comprehensive and always available. I would recommend this model for any future foreign sales initiatives as it provides the political weight of the state of Virginia with very well connected local business assistance.” – Dale Wright, Sales Manager, Base-X Inc.