The Impact Team

With over 30 years of experience, the dynamic, dedicated and talented professionals and alliances that make up the Impact Team truly work together to foster the growth of entrepreneurs in all stages of their growth cycle.

A peer business advisory group initiative developed for women entrepreneurs that want to take their business to the next level.

Global Linkages

Providing best pracice business models and services to facilitate trade in the global marketplace by linking people, businesses, distributors, and buyers around the world.

Impact Connections

Affiliated with many organizations, networks, and associations to facilitate business growth, Impact's connections in business, media, and PR firms offer a variety of strategic alliances.

Celebrating Awards

Barbara Mowat has been broadly recognized for her significant contributions and numerous achievements as an international leader in the development of SME enterprises.

Human Resources Training, Seminars and Materials

Management training and consulting to businesses both nationally and internationally, government, health organizations, human services and education sectors.

Uniquely Programs

An international program for micro and small entrepreneurs in the arts, crafts, gifts, home decor, and specialty food product lines to develop their products and business to access the global marketplace.